Friday, January 28

Five minors arrested and charged with complicity in attempted murder

Five people under the age of 18 have been arrested and charged with attempted murder after the stabbing at Kuben upper secondary school last week.

Oslo police went into action on Wednesday morning and arrested five people for complicity in attempted murder. A school student was taken to hospital with stab wounds after the incident.

Five people have been charged. Everyone is under 18 years old, says police attorney Helle Brabrand to Aftenposten.

– Are these five people known to the police from before?

– I can not say anything about that, Brabrand answers.

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The police have investigated the case extensively in the last week, and will now, in questioning with the arrested, try to clarify what was the cause of the knife attack. There are now five people charged in the case. Police attorney Brabrand does not want to answer questions about the motive or what happened prior to the stabbing.

– Today’s arrests are thanks to an extensive investigation. Several witness interviews and seizures have been made, says Brabrand, who does not want to go into detail about what kind of seizures the police have made.

The police have not decided whether the five people will be produced for custody.

– It is assessed continuously, says Brabrand.

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