Monday, January 17

Germany: the SPD, the Greens and the Liberals announce their government

The SPD, the Greens and the Liberals of the FDP announced on Wednesday November 24 their coalition contract to form a new government. Olaf Scholz (SPD) is confirmed as future chancellor to turn the page Angela Merkel.

The three parties unveiled their government agreement in the afternoon, distributing the ministerial portfolios between the different parties.

The Social Democrats of the SPD, winners of the federal elections in September, take the head of seven ministries including that of Health, Labor, Interior and Defense.

The Greens obtain the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a large ministry bringing together the Economy and the Climate. The Liberals, in favor of budgetary orthodoxy, took over the Ministry of Finance and that of Justice.

BUDGETARY RIGOR AND Legalization of cannabis

The new coalition, known as the “traffic light” (for the red of the SPD, the yellow of the Liberals and the green of the ecologists), also announced the main lines of their project for Germany.

Among the flagship measures, an anticipated exit from coal in 2030 (against 2038 previously), the return to budgetary rigor in 2023 or even the legalization of cannabis.

Olaf Scholz, 63, is due to be made chancellor in early December by members of the Bundestag.

More information to follow …

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