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Germany: two environmentalists and a liberal approached in key ministries

A woman to lead German diplomacy, an environmentalist writer at the head of a “super” Ministry of the Environment, a liberal in Finance: the favorites in the main portfolios of the future German government have never yet held federal ministerial functions .

The Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, who will unveil the “contract” of the future coalition on Wednesday, is to compose the first three-party German government, the fruit of a clever mix between representatives of the SPD, the Greens and the liberals of the FPD.

Here are the new faces expected in the key positions of the so-called “traffic light” coalition which should be invested in early December.

– Annalena Baerbock, from the trampoline to diplomacy –

Former trampoline champion, the unsuccessful Greens candidate for chancellery, Annalena Baerbock would be the first woman to head the German Foreign Ministry.

Despite the historically high score of the Greens in the legislative elections in September, this 40-year-old lawyer specializing in international law admitted having made “mistakes” during the campaign which cost her camp dearly.

Tax-free bonuses not declared in the Bundestag, curriculum vitae slightly “inflated” before a devastating controversy around plagiarized passages from a programmatic book, Annalena Baerbock has disappointed the hopes of those who already dreamed of an environmental chancellor.

Co-president of the Greens with Robert Habeck since January 2018, Member of the Bundestag for eight years, this mother of two girls, a graduate of the prestigious London School of Economics, has never yet held ministerial responsibility.

Annalena Baerbock, who will find the thorny migratory and diplomatic dispute with Belarus on her desk, has promised to put human rights back at the center of German diplomacy and called for more firmness towards Russia and China.

– Christian Lindner, “savior” of the liberals and probable great financier –

Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP) who came third in the September 26 election, Christian Lindner, 42, will undoubtedly land the prestigious finance ministry of Europe’s largest economy, coveted by the Greens during coalition negotiations.

Omnipresent in the media and talk shows, this man from North Rhine-Westphalia is criticized by his detractors for having established a “cult of personality” within a group he has been leading for 8 years.

A member of the FDP from the age of 16, this sports car enthusiast was elected deputy for the first time in 2009 when he struggled to impose himself on the authorities of his party and was nicknamed “Bambi “.

In 2017, he broke off negotiations to form a coalition government with the Conservatives and the Greens under the aegis of Angela Merkel, a about-face in the middle of the night that aroused general surprise and cost the liberals dearly, who would permanently sink into the surveys.

Under his leadership, the FDP radicalized, flirting at times with the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD), especially in challenging anti-Covid restrictions.

Opposed to any tax hike, especially for the wealthy, Christian Lindner is also a supporter of budgetary austerity.

– Robert Habeck, a philosopher and writer for the Environment

With a probable large Ministry of Climate, the ecologist Robert Habeck would implement the program of measures against global warming tied up by the partners of the new coalition.

This 50-year-old, sometimes described as “pale green”, definitively sealed the victory of the “realos”, the centrist wing of the Greens less radical than the “molts”, by winning the co-presidency of the Grünen almost four years ago.

Elected for the first time as a member of the Bundestag on September 26, he is considered the “thinker” of the Greens.

Pragmatic and renowned for his talents as a speaker, he entered politics late some 20 years ago, and forged his political experience at the regional level as Minister of the Environment for the rural region of Schleswig. -Holstein.

Previously this philosophy graduate, father of four adult boys, was a successful writer thanks to the novels co-signed with his wife.

The Germans appreciate the relaxed style of this fifty-something who lets himself be filmed ironing his shirt himself – on the ground, for lack of an ironing board – before a rally of the Greens.

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