Monday, January 24

Jordan Bardella: “In 5 months we will whistle the end of recess”

Jordan Bardella, president of the RN, was alongside Jean-Marc Morandini during the CNEWS “Face à la Rue” program, live in the Guillotière district in Lyon, this Wednesday, November 24.

“The ultra-left and the scum hand in hand are taking advantage, because in five months we will whistle the end of recess, in five months it is over,” he said.

“You can see that 30 years of laxity, of governance by the right and the left have brought us to this. (…) And why are these people, scum and ultra-left, attacking us today, targeting us with eggs, mortars, and screams? It is because they know that they do not risk absolutely nothing, and that, in truth, our leaders are completely powerless today to ensure the safety of the French people, launched Jordan Bardella.

A trip under tension

Antifachist groups in Lyon had called, on social networks, for mobilization against the arrival of Jordan Bardella this Wednesday in the Guillotière district. A hundred demonstrators had gathered at the location planned for the filming, under the close surveillance of police and CRS, mobilized to maintain order, even if the show finally took place without incident.

This district, where a wild market has developed with various street trafficking arousing a strong feeling of insecurity among residents, has been at the center of the authorities’ attention for several months.

The president of the RN had announced on his Twitter account his trip to the neighborhood where, according to him “our fellow citizens are abandoned and delivered to violence”. “Racists are not welcome in our neighborhood,” replied the “Antifa Group of Lyon” on its Twitter account.

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