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José Garcia and Juan Arbelaez: “Encanto is a film that will do good”

This Wednesday, November 24, Disney takes spectators to the heart of Colombia with its new Christmas film, “Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family”. José Garcia, who lends his voice to the character of “Bruno”, and the chef Juan Arbelaez, who for the first time discovers the world of dubbing through the role of “Agustín”, returned to the magic of this project , from CNEWS.

What made you want to participate in this cartoon?

Juan Arbelaez: Everything! At no time did I hesitate to do so. Already when it was offered to me, I did not believe it, it was and still is today a dream, I find it difficult to accept it. I have a small character but for me it’s just exceptional what we’re going through, so at no time did I hesitate to do it, everything made me want to participate.

This film is an offering, a gift, a cake to please.Jose Garcia

José Garcia: First of all, I am very happy that I was called back. Because I had done “Mulan 1 and 2”, and for me it was a bit like the children’s pantheon. And the fact of having been remembered for an even more colorful character, and even more exuberant in this super beautiful cartoon, I can tell you that I think that this one will also mark in a very intense way, because that he arrives at the right time in this world of brutes in which we are living, which devours us. And frankly, I think it’s a gift, this film is an offering, it’s a cake to please.

What interested you in choosing your characters?

Juan Arbelaez: “Agustín” is a very touching character, very protective and he does some silly things without realizing it, but that he usually catches up with. He is caring and very attached to his family, like me since I come from a family which is very solid and very close. We have to play a role and we have to really put ourselves in the character, we have to really lend our voice, but for me it was rather obvious.

I come from a family that is a bit like that, my father is very protective so it was quite easy, even if it’s always a challenge, it’s kind of my job. Let’s say that there were things that helped me a lot because it is still a character who is very touching.

For “Agustín” who is the father of a family, did you draw inspiration from your dad?

Juan Arbelaez: yes, my father, my family, I come from Colombia. What is funny is that everything that happens in Colombia has been transmitted very well, we are really immersed. It’s a real trip, we take a plane ticket, we trace in Colombia and we find ourselves an hour from Medellin in the jungle. So for me it’s not even a fantasy, but it’s almost a reality that I experienced with this movie.

And you José, why did you accept the character of “Bruno”?

José Garcia: because he is a very touching character with completely insane variations, with tenderness and madness above all. I was mainly called because he was all the same well off (laughs), it always makes me happy when I am called for these characters, and not for math teachers, which is practically not to me. never happened elsewhere (laughs). “Bruno” is a character as I like them, that is to say that he has an absolutely insane flow, and we must not forget that from a musical point of view, it is absolutely insane “Encanto”. We went to the mill.

Did you sing?

Juan Arbelaez: I don’t know if I can say that I sang (laughs).

José Garcia: yeah. We did our best and above all we did the flow, I can tell you that I still have both lips that burn every time I think about it (laughs). Because it took a flow, a sustained energy. In fact, this film gives absolutely incredible energy, because the speed and the capacity of the characters to act and to move, is very Latin. First we find all the colors of Colombia, we find the energy, we find the link between people, the tenderness and kindness of each person, but above all what is very beautiful is the energy that it gives off. The music is so catchy that we danced until the end credits.

The music of the credits is catchy but the spectators do not necessarily dare to get up to dance.

Juan Arbelaez: Well, what is beautiful in Colombia is that nobody cares what is going on. And that’s why I think this film will do a lot of good in France.

In Colombia, we live in music, we live in dance, all the time.Juan Arbelaez

In Colombia, we live in music, we live in dance, all the time. And we can dance alone, there are people in the street, they hear a song and they will start dancing, and that’s really how we live in music.

“Encanto” director Jared Bush talks about magic in every Colombian city, is that magic related to music or something else?

José Garcia: It’s up to the kindness of the people. The greatest quality, apart from the beauty of the country, because the country is sublime and completely different from all places. Because in Colombia, you can ski very well an hour from Santa Marta, descend and go to a superb beach with absolutely magnificent sky colors. I have never seen such sunset colors, but above all it is the tenderness and kindness of people, it is amazing. And then, as soon as you start to party with them, it’s endless. Because everyone sings, there is a permanent interaction, there is no judgment and that’s it, it’s the pleasure of being happy and being alive, that’s the magic in Colombia.

You have to know that the history of the country is tragic, and in fact we quantify how much we can die in the second (finger snap), and we also realize that all the countries that have experienced this, which have lived through wars and events like that, you can see that people are completely relaxed about everything. If we want to have fun, we have fun, if we want to dance, we dance, because anyway, there you are, we can disappear in five seconds.

Juan Arbelaez: and the magic happens very quickly. That is to say that one does not need much for this magic, this enchantment, “Encanto, es encanto funcione” (for this enchantment to work). We just need a small drum, someone with guacharaca (Colombian percussion), there is a person who can always sing, everyone stands up, and let’s go! We don’t need much for this magic to kick in.

Finally, do you believe in miracles and magic?

José Garcia: of course, look at us! (Laughter) If we didn’t believe in miracles and magic, we wouldn’t be here.

Juan Arbelaez: it’s true, and I think that we both have stories that are quite particular, we come from very far, and I am entirely convinced that when we concentrate and think, the magic of the planet is working to make it happen.

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