Tuesday, January 18

Linda Kebbab on Guadeloupe: “We must reclaim the territory”

Linda Kebbab, police officer and national representative of the Unity SGP union, was the guest of Laurence Ferrari in the CNEWS Matinale on Wednesday.

Referring to the explosive situation in Guadeloupe, she distinguished two forms of the movement, with a social aspect during the day and a criminal aspect at night: “The current situation is roadblocks during the day, looting at night.” “During the day, there is social protest, as hard as it is, with in particular these roadblocks which suddenly prevent the opening of schools, transport, and which has an extremely serious impact on the population in terms of health. And as soon as night falls, we have criminal outings, looting, ”explained Linda Kebbab.

To appease the situation, the policewoman and union delegate felt that the authorities had to “recover the territory” in the face of delinquents and criminals. “It is imperative to recover the territory except that the possibility of dismantling the dams and then of maintaining the territory must normally oblige the authorities to include in the system mobile force units, the CRS”, she underlined, deploring by the the same occasion that these mobile units were not deployed in Guadeloupe.

Linda Kebbab considered “disturbing and annoying” this “categorical” refusal to send CRS to Guadeloupe.

Originally, the protest movement was launched by a collective of union and citizen organizations against the health pass and the vaccination obligation for caregivers. But the anger has spread to other industries. Then urban violence came to be added to the social uproar.


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