Tuesday, January 25

Lyon: a Dalton in custody for mortar fire on the police

A “Dalton” was arrested this Wednesday, November 24 in Lyon for firing mortars against the police, on the sidelines of a demonstration against the show “Face à la rue” on CNEWS, during which Jean-Marc Morandini received Jordan Bardella, the president of the National Gathering

The man, suspected of “violence with a weapon on a person holding public authority”, was taken into police custody. The Daltons collective, a group of rappers from Lyon known for provoking the police by wearing the yellow and black striped suit, announced an action on Tuesday on their Instagram account. At the same time, anti-fascist groups in Lyon called on social networks for mobilization against the arrival of Jordan Bardella.

This Wednesday, a hundred demonstrators had gathered at the planned location for the filming of the show “Face à la rue”, which took place in the Guillotière district, in Lyon.

This district, where a wild market has developed with various street trafficking arousing a strong feeling of insecurity among residents, has been at the center of the authorities’ attention for several months.

For several weeks, the group of young Lyonnais has been making frequent talk in the Rhône. Known for its urban rodeos, the band also stood out by invading the lawn of Groupama Stadium in the middle of an Olympique Lyonnais match.


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