Friday, January 21

Martinique: new firing of firearms in the direction of the police, the inter-union calls for the lifting of the dams

While the inter-union called Wednesday morning for the lifting of the roadblocks, several dozen people clashed with the police last night in Fort-de-France.

We deplore a new firing of firearms in the direction of the police. An impact was found on a police vehicle, according to information obtained by CNEWS.

Several fires were lit on the road. This violence follows the call for a general strike, launched by 17 trade unions. Some residents fear the situation will get worse.

On Tuesday, in the images taken by residents, vehicles had been put across the road and some were set on fire. The roads leading to Fort-de-France, the capital of the island had been blocked for several hours.

Already shots fired in the direction of the police on Tuesday

Firefighters and law enforcement were dispatched to the scene. Around three o’clock in the morning, the police had then come under gunfire, as reported by Thierry Baucelin, territorial secretary of the Alliance police nationale union in Martinique. “We are talking about large caliber shots, caliber 12 millimeters.”

According to a source familiar with the matter, two bullet holes were found on police vehicles. An investigation was opened on Tuesday by the Fort-de-France prosecutor’s office.

The privileged track is that of individuals known to the police services who would have acted out of opportunism by using the health and social conflict to commit violence, specifies the same source.

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