Monday, January 17

Masud Gharahkhani (39) will be the new president of the Storting. Sverre Myrli (50) wrecks.

Iranian-born Masud Gharahkhani from Buskerud will be the new president of the Storting. Sverre Myrli is rejected, among other things, because he was with young AUFs in the 1990s.

Masud Gharahkhani (39) from Buskerud is nominated by the Labor Party as the new Speaker of the Storting.

At 09.00, the board of the Labor Party’s parliamentary group convened an extraordinary meeting. Apart from the party leadership and the party’s presidential candidates, only a very few key people know about the new presidential cabal.

Kari Henriksen (66) from Vest-Agder is nominated as the new fourth vice president. The election will be made by a joint Storting today or tomorrow.

Thus, the Labor leadership has landed a demanding process that can create unrest and dissatisfaction in parts of the party and the trade union movement. Myrli has for many years been APS’s transport policy spokesperson. He has traveled a lot in the country and has friends and supporters in many county teams, the Norwegian Railway Association and LO.

Myrli was elected the Storting’s fourth vice president as late as 9 October. After Eva Kristin Hansen resigned as Speaker of the Storting last Thursday, many reckoned that Myrli would move up to the country’s highest political position.

Sverre Myrli (51) is leaving the presidency for a withdrawn role in the business committee.

Clean record

The housing scandal in the Storting this autumn has affected the Labor leadership. They have been very concerned with finding a person with impeccable character who can lead the work of restoring the Storting’s trust. At the same time, they look after the candidates’ past lives and work to avoid choosing a person against whom criticism can later be leveled.

As a 26-year-old, Sverre Myrli had an affair with an AUF woman of 18 years. The person in question informed the party leadership in 2017 when the Labor Party contacted and mapped the AUF communities in the clean-up work after the #metoo cases.

– We were together for a few months. Then we each went to ours. I do not want to say anything more than that, Sverre Myrli told Aftenposten on Tuesday.

Aftenposten has been in contact with the woman. She has not given any notice to Myrli. The party leadership has also not received any new information since it nominated Myrli as the fourth vice president in October.

No to new position

In an attempt to calm the mood, the Labor leadership offered Myrli to become faction leader in the business committee. According to Aftenposten’s information, Myrli has said no. The reason is that when he does not have enough confidence in the party leadership to become president, he can also not have confidence in leading the faction in the Storting.

The new business policy spokesperson in the Labor Party will now be Per Vidar Kjølmoen.

Gharakhani was elected to the Storting in 2017. He chaired the Labor Party’s migration committee, which submitted a recommendation in the autumn of 2018.[[

Along the way, he received a lot of criticism from both party colleagues and organizations such as NOAS and Amnesty International. They thought that he tightened and set the course far in the direction of Frp. He eventually received so much provocation and criticism that he wrote on Facebook that he considered retiring.

Masud Gharahkhani came to Norway in 1987 and grew up in Skotselv Øvre Eiker municipality. He is a trained radiographer and has worked at Blefjell Hospital.

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