Friday, January 21

Movie theater. “House of Gucci”: Lady Gaga between glamor and barbarian in Ridley Scott’s new film

Ridley Scott just signed with The Last Duel one of the most consistent feminist films, dating back to the old days of patriarchy, inspired by the true story of the last French judicial duel.

With House of Gucci, the 83-year-old director tackles another true story: the 1995 assassination of Maurizio Gucci, the heir to the founder of the prestigious Italian label, sponsored by his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani. The screenplay is inspired by Sara Gay Forden’s book on the fall of the Gucci house, which fell into the hands of an investment fund, an example of capitalistic dispossession and the dismemberment of a family business.

With extreme rigor in his staging, Ridley Scott examines the fall of the Gucci house, through two prisms: the family and the couple. He keenly observes how these two institutions crumble, torn apart by lies and betrayals. House of Gucci akin to an ancient tragedy, a tale exposed to passion and jealousy, the source of great misfortunes and monstrous crimes, which lead the heroes to their loss.

The Black Widow Lady Gaga

As in an ancient soap opera, ambition, love and hatred inevitably plunge the Guccis into the depths of revenge and death. This predestination is played out in a climate mixing apparent nobility and violent cruelty: in this refined and wealthy world, where people believe themselves to be gods, criminal passions are however as uncontrollable as in any environment.

Lady Gaga dominates a luxury male cast: Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jérémy Irons, Jared Leto. Lady Gaga in Lady Gucci, a black widow whose sensuality, perfidy and ambition Ridley Scott shows at the same time, irresistibly creates the character of a monster woman, insatiable in her rage to possess. A glamorous and barbaric heroine, ruthless when you resist or abandon her.

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