Wednesday, January 19

Nabilla: a second baby and a large family in prospect?

Mother of a little Milann, Nabilla intends to expand the family she forms with Thomas Vergara in the near future.

This is what the influencer, now head of her cosmetics brand, told Femme Actuelle. And it would be soon if we believe the young woman, whose documentary “Nabilla sans filtr” will be released on November 26th.

“It’s true that with Thomas, we would love to expand our family! Milann is two years old, he’s already a real little boy, ”Nabilla explained to our colleagues from the women’s press. “We do not know when exactly but we feel that it will soon be the time,” added the mother who regularly shares photos of her “little prince” on her networks.

A large family on the program?

A second child, moreover, hoped for by all members of the family, including her little Milann. “For my son, it would be his dream! He told us, he wants a little brother to have fun and play with him. We must admit that being an only child is not ideal, ”continued Nabilla, who seems to see himself at the head of a large family.

“It’s better to be two … or three … or four!” commented the 29-year-old influencer, who sees it big.

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