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“Nabilla: Without filter”: the docu-reality expected on November 26 plunges into the intimacy of her life in Dubai

The documentary series “Nabilla: Without filter” offers to discover, from November 26 on Amazon Prime Video, the new life of the young woman in Dubai, where she became the mother of Milann, and the wife of Thomas Vergara.

Available in 7 episodes, “Nabilla: Without filter” allows the former glory of reality TV to return to its chaotic beginnings under the media eye. Nabilla confides in particular on the violence of the debates around her person when she was only 20 years old. “I wanted to die”, she blurted out in tears, evoking this period which remains like a scar.

Qualified as a busty bimbo, “figure of the nean”, invited on television sets to be mocked and / or ridiculed, before hitting rock bottom with a stint in prison (which will last a few weeks) after stabbing her companion in 2016, the 29-year-old managed to give new impetus to her life. And his career.

If Nabilla suffered from her over-media coverage, she was able to use her experience and growing notoriety to change her image, progress on an individual level, and take calculated risks to advance her professional career. It’s almost a miracle that she survived the media steamroller that has sought to crush her all these years. Like the couple she forms with Thomas Vergara – to whom a quick and chaotic end was predicted, he remembers – for 8 years, Nabilla has managed to stay in the long run, to everyone’s surprise .

So yes, the fact that she moved to Dubai – like many influencers – is an absolute cliché. And Nabilla is, and remains, the target of criticism as an essential personality of social networks. But she has become the master of her own destiny today. Which, in view of his personal journey, commands a certain admiration.

In “Nabilla: Without filter”, viewers also discover all those who revolve around her today, her lifelong friends, her family (and more particularly her father who agreed to participate in the filming), as well as personalities. surprises like Jean-Paul Gaultier or Richard Orlinski.

Nabilla gave exclusive access to Amazon Prime Video for the preparations and the ceremony of her marriage to Thomas Vergara last July, at the Château de Chantilly, in the Oise. A union which unfortunately ended with a burglary of their bridal chamber. Not enough, however, to reach the moral of the young woman, who has seen others.

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