Tuesday, January 18

Several witnesses have reported after the plane crash in Larvik

According to the police, several witnesses have reported after a plane with three people on board crashed in Larvik on Tuesday.

The plane crashed in rough terrain in Tvedalen in Larvik municipality a little after 9 o’clock on Tuesday morning.

– They have made observations that are of interest to the police, says police station chief Tor Eriksen at Larvik police station to Østlands-Posten.

It was Tuesday at 9.21 that the police received a message from a witness who said that a plane was spinning down to the ground. Later that day, it was confirmed that two students and an instructor from Pilot Flight Academy died in the crash.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway says NRK that the wreckage on Wednesday will be transported out by helicopter from the forest where it crashed.

– During the day, we will document the wreck even more thoroughly than what we did yesterday. Then we take the wreck back to the Accident Investigation Board, says director of the aviation department in the Accident Investigation Board Norway, Kåre Halvorsen.

Students and staff at Pilot Flight Academy at Torp are in mourning after a flight instructor and two students lost their lives when a small plane from the school crashed on Tuesday.

Halvorsen says it is probably difficult to find answers to what has happened at the accident site. The aircraft also has no black box, but there are devices in the aircraft that register data.

– There has been a very strong collision with the terrain, and there has been a fire afterwards. Given what the accident site looks like, we probably do not have very high hopes of finding anything there, says Halvorsen.

He adds that an important part of the information gathering for the AIBN will consist of talking to witnesses and those who have had something to do with the flight.


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