Wednesday, January 19

She will be Sweden’s first female prime minister. But the first cold shower came right away.

Magdalena Andersson has been elected Swedish Prime Minister. But after a few hours she gets her first big headache.

Magdalena Andersson on her way into the Riksdag on Wednesday morning. There are two important polls during Wednesday.

Magdalena Andersson becomes Sweden’s first female prime minister. On Wednesday morning, there was a prime ministerial vote in the Riksdag.

In order to be elected, the Social Democrat had to ensure that she did not get a majority against her. It went by the narrowest possible margin: Of the Riksdag’s 349 representatives, 174 voted against Andersson. The new prime minister was thus applauded.

She received yes votes from her own party, the Green Party and the Left Party.

Super Wednesday

But the drama is not over to what is called super Wednesday in Sweden.

It was to start at 9 am with the vote on who will become Prime Minister of Sweden after Stefan Löfven. Löfven has chosen to give up and handed over the baton to his finance minister for seven years, Magdalena Andersson.

But all at 8.15 came an important message.

Will not support budget

There was no automaticity in Andersson being allowed to take over. First, she had to make sure she had enough support. Late Tuesday night, it became clear that the Socialist Left Party would also ensure that she was elected. The Social Democrats promised to give minimum pensioners an extra NOK 1,000 in housing allowance a month. It was necessary for the Left Party to give its support.

Thus, it was clear even before the vote on Wednesday that Andersson would be elected new prime minister.

But the negotiations with the Left Party triggered reactions from other parties with which the government has collaborated.

Early Wednesday morning, the Center Party, which is a liberal party, called for a press conference. The Center Party is very dissatisfied and made it clear that they will not support the government’s budget.

Annie Lööf is the leader of the Center Party, a liberal party that has both the Center Party and the Liberal Party as the Norwegian sister party. On Wednesday morning, she said that they would release Magdalena Andersson as prime minister, but would not support her budget.

The special thing about this particular Wednesday is that the budget will be considered in the Riksdag this afternoon, just hours after Andersson has been elected.

There is an important difference between the two votes: In order to be elected Prime Minister, one must avoid getting a majority against him. To get through the budget, a majority must support the budget.

The Center Party wanted to release Andersson as prime minister, but will not support her budget. This creates problems for the new prime minister and a special situation.

She risks having to rule on a blue budget. The Moderates (Sweden’s Conservative Party), the Christian Democrats and the Sweden Democrats have in fact agreed on a budget package that has greater support than the government’s.

This means a redistribution of NOK 20 billion from the original budget, according to SVT.

– A strange day

– A hysterical situation. It is normal that you can not govern on someone else’s budget, he says Aftonbladet’s commentator, Lena Mellin.

According to Swedish commentators, it is common for a government to resign when they do not get through their budget. But there are exceptions, and no one wants extra elections so soon before the ordinary elections next autumn.

But the Social Democrats’ junior partner in government, the Green Party, is very disappointed with the Center Party’s message. Spokeswoman Marta Stenevi in ​​the Green Party said on Wednesday morning that they must have a discussion internally in the party what this will mean for them. The alternative budget will, among other things, mean lower petrol and diesel taxes.

– This is a strange day. Here we will vote for our first female prime minister. And then we will be informed if the first budget that has been negotiated with a far-right party will be adopted, Stenevi told Swedish Television.

Professor of political science at Stockholm University, Tommy Möller, tells the same channel that Andersson is joining in a “very difficult parliamentary situation”.

The leader of the Left Party, Nooshi Dadgostar, fought hard and demanded better conditions for minimum pensioners. She gained support for this and supported Andersson as prime minister.

The background is as follows:

  • After the election in 2017, neither of the two traditional blocs in Swedish politics gained a majority. This has made it difficult to control.
  • It therefore took several months before a new government came into place. It happened when the Social Democrats entered into an agreement with the bourgeois parties Center Party and Liberals. They entered into the so-called January agreement in 2018.
  • The Center Party demanded that the Social Democrats not make any agreements with the Left Party. It is a socialist party located somewhere between SV and Rødt in Norway. The Center Party also does not want anything to do with the Sweden Democrats, which they call right-wing extremists.
  • The Left Party is tired of being banned and wants influence. Therefore, they worked hard to give Andersson his support.

In Sweden, you can call extra elections if you are unable to form a government. But no one wants such an election under a year before it is a regular parliamentary election. Such an extra choice would be in addition to a regular choice and only apply for a few months.

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