Tuesday, January 18

The city council leader: – Asks all Oslo people to wear face masks again

City councilor Raymond Johansen urges Oslo residents to wear face masks when driving public transport, going to shopping malls and shops, and taking taxis.

Now City Councilor Raymond Johansen is asking the people of Oslo to put on the bandage again.


– We now ask everyone in Oslo to use face masks in public transport, shopping centers, shops and taxis, Raymond Johansen said during Wednesday’s city council meeting.

He then held a briefing after the day before, the highest number of infections in two weeks was registered in the capital with 627 positive samples on Tuesday. That is 200 more than the same day last week, and 281 more than Sunday, according to the municipality’s overview.

“Today we must again ask the people of Oslo to step in to slow down the spread of infection,” Johansen said.

He pointed out that infection rates have increased for five weeks now, and that the health service is under pressure.

– Most importantly, stay at home if you are sick, even if you test negative for corona. The capacity of the health care system is not only under pressure because of the corona, but because of all the infection. Stay home, wash your hands. Do not shake hands. Avoid physical contact where it is not necessary, do not hug friends, was his clear message.

See broadcast from the city council here:

He also came up with a clear call to use face masks again where it is not possible to keep your distance. Especially in public transport, in shops and in shopping malls and in taxis.

– People must get the bandage back in the bag. A bandage is also a reminder that the pandemic is not over, he said.

He also announced that the doors on public transport will start to open automatically again.

Warns against unnecessary measures

In the last two weeks, an average of 375 infections have been registered per year. day.

The infection rates are highest in the Søndre Nordstrand district. Then follows Alna and Grorud. The figures are lowest in the districts of Vestre Aker, Nordre Aker and Ullern.

At the same time, Johansen warned against introducing unnecessarily strict measures.

– Everyone who lives in Oslo knows the price of intervention measures. If we do more than what is proportionate and necessary, it can do great damage, he emphasized.

Oslo Conservatives’ group leader Anne Haabeth Rygg wants a new bandage order in public transport.

Oslo Conservatives’ group leader Anne Haabeth Rygg now demands that measures be put in place:

“There are starting to be record high infection rates in Oslo now, and that worries me. At the same time, the hospitals report that there is a beginning of poor capacity in the intensive care units “, she writes in an e-mail to Aftenposten.

Rygg believes that the city council should introduce mandates for face masks in public transport and other places where it is difficult to keep your distance.

She also calls for a more offensive stance from the city council on whether and how a corona certificate should be used.


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