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The director of the Storting has been silent for several days. Now she answers for herself.

The FRP leader has asked 18 questions to the Storting’s director. Now she has received an answer.

Marianne Andreassen has been director of the Storting since the spring of 2018. She is the supreme leader of the administration and secretary of the presidency.

Director of the Storting Marianne Andreassen is under pressure. As head of the administration, she is responsible for ensuring that more politicians have received free housing on the wrong basis. At the same time, she receives criticism from several quarters for not having given good enough information about how they practice the rules.

FRP leader Sylvi Listhaug has been clear that she believes the director has not handled the cases well enough. On Monday, she sent 18 questions to Andreassen.

Since then, the director has not answered any questions from the press. But on Wednesday afternoon she sent her answer to Listhaug.

Director of the Storting Eva Kristin Hansen had to go after the revelation that she has received a commuter home from the Storting, at the same time as she disposed of her own home within the limit of 40 kilometers from the Storting. Hansen thought she was entitled to a commuter home because she was registered at a dormitory in Trondheim.

This is contrary to the rules, as the Storting’s administration interprets the rules. Hansen, for his part, claims that the Storting has never informed about the interpretation.

In the letter, the Director of the Storting sticks to the interpretation. She also denies that it has not been informed well enough.

– Since 2006, we have been clear that you are not entitled to commuter housing if you have housing within the 40-kilometer limit, even if you are registered further away, Hansen writes in the letter.
The Director of the Storting points out that the representatives have on a number of occasions received information about the regulations.

She also defends the administration’s handling of the commuter housing scheme.

– We have not previously perceived that doubts have been expressed among the representatives about the understanding of the regulations. However, the events of the autumn have shown that some of the representatives have experienced the regulations as unclear, Andreassen writes.

She points out that the administration quickly took action when the doubt became known internally. She recalls that the Storting’s presidency has decided to appoint an external committee to review the regulations for commuter housing, and that the administration itself has initiated a comprehensive tax audit.

Aftenposten updates the case. Read the whole letter here.

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