Wednesday, January 26

The girls’ entrance is worth its weight in gold in several areas

BEITOSTØLEN (Aftenposten): Combined women were until last year a hidden and forgotten sport. Up to three Norwegian girls became historic in Oberstdorf.

Gyda Westvold Hansen is one of the pioneers in combined sports. She became the first world champion in history and has contributed to the entire Norwegian combined national team having a healthy economy.

Sports manager for combined, Ivar Stuan, could state before the season openings that the economy is good. While most sports complain and complain about lack of money, the sports director is happy. He is aware that the women’s entry has contributed to a combined financial situation.

– The triple winner in Oberstdorf meant a lot to the attention. It is quite clear that we now have the girls in the team has contributed positively financially for us. The sponsors have been absolutely fantastic and want to be part of the girls’ initiative, says Ivar Stuan.

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