Monday, January 24

The government informs about the corona situation

A victim of the corona pandemic at a hospital in Volgograd, Russia. Photo: Alexandr Kulikov / AP / NTB

New estimates from the World Health Organization show that 700,000 in Europe could die from the coronavirus by spring. Refreshment doses are recommended.

The WHO’s European office, located in Copenhagen, says that the number of corona deaths in Europe will almost double this winter, and pass 2 million by March 2022.

The WHO points out that more and more research suggests that the protection of vaccines against infection and mild disease is weakened and recommends that vulnerable groups receive a refreshing dose.

This applies to people with weakened immune systems, people over the age of 60 and health professionals.


Europe is currently experiencing an increase in infection in several countries and has become an epicenter of the pandemic. This has led to new closures in several countries.

– Today, the infection situation in Europe and Central Asia is very serious. We are facing a challenging winter, but we should not be without hope. We can all, authorities, health authorities and private individuals, make an effort against the pandemic, says WHO’s head of Europe Hans Kluge.

In Europe, the death toll from the pandemic rose to an average of almost 4,200 every day last week. This is twice as high as the level was in September.

Three factors drive the infection

It is estimated that the corona pandemic has so far led to 1.5 million deaths in the European region, which also includes parts of Central Asia.

There are three factors driving the pandemic on the rise in Europe, according to the WHO:

The delta variant that is more contagious, relief of measures and that a large proportion of the population in several countries has not been vaccinated.

– We can expect that there will be high or extremely high pressure on hospital places in 25 countries and high or extremely high pressure on intensive care capacity in 49 out of 53 countries, says Kluge.

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