Monday, January 17

The Green Party leaves the government in Sweden

The Green Party will not rule on a bourgeois budget and therefore leaves the government to the Social Democrats’ Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

Sweden’s Minister of Finance Magdalena Andersson in the Riksdag after she was approved as the new Prime Minister of Sweden by the narrowest possible margin on Wednesday.

Sweden’s new Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has had a tough start. Just hours after she was approved by the Riksdag, her budget was voted down. It is now clear that the Social Democrats’ coalition partner, the Green Party, is leaving the minority government.

Instead, the Riksdag approved the budget proposal from the opposition parties Moderaterna (M), Kristdemokraterna (KD) and Sverigedemokraterna (SD).

Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson’s budget proposal was voted down by 154 to 143 votes. Earlier Wednesday, Andersson was approved as Sweden’s 34th prime minister by the narrowest possible margin.

The background is that the Left Party on Tuesday agreed to give passive support to Andersson in exchange for the minimum pension being increased by NOK 1,000 a month. The Center Party’s leader Annie Lööf then thought that the Left Party had gained too much influence and would therefore not support the government’s state budget.

Thus, the Social Democrats’ coalition partner left the Green Party Andersson’s government as a result of the government’s budget proposal being voted down.

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