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The light rail will not cross Bryggen

With a majority of votes, the city council has decided that Bybanen towards Åsane will go through the mountains – and not over Bryggen.

In Røkeriet at Verftet USF, the city council decided on Wednesday Bybanen towards Åsane’s future.

On Wednesday afternoon, it was decided: The light rail to Åsane will go in a tunnel through the city center.

The City Council’s proposal to continue the regulation of the light rail over Bryggen did not receive sufficient support.

Instead, the majority went for the proposal from the Conservatives, the Red Party and the Center Party to put the day solution aside and study the tunnel based on alternatives 2B2 and 2B3. (see map below).

Charlotte Spurkeland presented the Conservative Party’s proposal to study the tunnel based on Peter Motzfeldts gate.

The city council will go

While the opposition rejoiced, City Councilor Roger Valhammer (Labor Party) got ready to leave his position.

“I hereby announce that the city council is resigning,” Valhammer said from the rostrum just after the vote.

Mayor Rune Bakervik will in the next few days hold talks with the parties’ group leaders to find a new city council.

Now they are waiting for a clarification of what is happening with the political situation in Bergen.

In advance have several sources told BT that if the city council approved a tunnel through the city center, it would be likely that KrF and the Liberal Party would leave the city council.

Finance Councilor Erlend Horn (V, from left), Urban Development Councilor Thor Haakon Bakke (MDG) and City Councilor Roger Valhammer will confer during the meeting.

The Jokers went for postponement or tunnel

Before the meeting, there was great excitement about what some “jokers” in the city council would support.

The two SP representatives Steinulf Tungesvik and Stig Torgersen launched a proposal to postpone the decision while a tunnel alternative was studied based on Peter Motzfeldts gate / Nygaten.

Steinulf Tungesvik (Sp) went against his party group and proposed postponing the decision.

The independent representative Per Jørgensen waited until just before the lunch break before he revealed for the first time where he stands in the case.

– I had the pleasure of restoring Enhjørningsgården on Bryggen. Millions were spent, Jørgensen said.

Per Jørgensen (independent, formerly FNB) eventually went for tunnel solution.

The unanimous wish of people who voted for him was that Bryggen should be preserved, he said.

– Based on that and that I will be able to see my heirs in the eyes in the future, my clear position is that I can not support the city council’s day solution, Jørgensen said.

Instead, he wanted to support the tunnel proposal from the Conservatives, the Socialist People’s Party and the Red Party.

Outside the city council meeting, Ina Grung, Suzanne Puchberger, Elisabeth Jebsen Marek and Tyra Vaagland (from left) from «Bergen’s mothers» demonstrated for an urban railway over Bryggen.

When can the Bybanen to Åsane be completed?

According to the trade union in Bergen municipality, an urban railway line over Bryggen can be ready in 2031.

The trade union’s preferred tunnel solution can be completed in 2034.

A new version of the alternatives with a tunnel from Peter Motzfelds gate, which the trade union has previously set aside, should not be completed until 2035 or later. It is this option that was adopted.

City councilor Roger Valhammer (Labor, left) and urban development councilor Thor Haakon Bakke (MDG) during the meeting.

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