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TV program. The candidates of Miss France 2022 soon in Koh Lanta?

They are more than motivated: it’s a dream. Several candidates for the election of Miss France 2022, currently in preparation course in Reunion, told us on Monday their wish to participate, one day, in the legendary adventure game of TF1.

Obviously, this project is not unanimous. Some don’t see it at all, like Miss Reunion, 22, who fears starvation: “If I don’t eat, I fall for it” she says with a smile.

This does not seem to be an obstacle for Miss Bretagne, 22, the surfer of the group, who has already sent her application two or three times, without response for the moment. But she does not despair! “I am attracted by the challenge, the fact of pushing back my limits …” Miss Lorraine, alias Marine, 23 years old, agrees: “I would like to be able to surpass myself on the sporting events”.

“Are we the yellows or the reds?”

As for the lack of hygiene products, that does not scare them! “Not having toothpaste? The hairs that grow? It’s only for a month, it won’t kill me” estimates Miss Île-de-France, 24, who admits to loving “the strategic side” less than it seems it takes to win the show.

“Would we be the yellows or the reds? The reds!” decide the girls in chorus. “We could really make a Miss team on Koh Lanta! We should talk to Denis Brogniart”.

“As in Koh Lanta, there will be only one left!”

They don’t believe in saying so well. Luckily, that day, the participants were accompanied by a communication attaché from TF1 in charge of the programs presented by the 54-year-old host, originally from Dijon. In a message, she immediately informed him of the group’s aspirations. Touched, he immediately sent them a short video to thank them for their loyalty and encourage them for the competition: “As in Koh Lanta, there will be only one left!”. Seeing him, Miss New Caledonia felt a shock. Miss Brittany was on the verge of crying: could the dream come true?

“We thought we would be in a kayak”

In any case, the next morning, they were able to confront themselves during a very sporting excursion to the Langevin waterfall, one of the most visited places on the island, for a canyoning session. “We thought we would be in a kayak, we confused it with rafting” slips one of them, delighted to have misunderstood.

Transported by two Burgundian drivers, Carole and Yannick, and supervised by two instructors from the Loire and Haute-Savoie, Rémi and Renaud, they had several challenges to overcome, including the zip line, a toboggan and several jumps from three to four meters, under the eyes of onlookers.

“For me it’s a jacuzzi!”

After putting on two suits over their bodysuit, a helmet, a harness and high shoes, the Misses learn that the water in the river is at 17 or 18 degrees: “For me it’s a jacuzzi!” laughs Miss Bretagne, used to cold temperatures. They start with the zip line, and it is Miss Rhône-Alpes, the favorite in the polls, who starts first. Charlotte, 20, had a thought for Alexandra, a participant in Koh Lanta the legend, who invited her to come and meet her in Ain before her departure.

She is followed by Miss Alsace, the most followed regional Miss on Instagram. Cécile, 24, was “so impatient” that in a few seconds, she is already downstairs. Things will be more complicated for Miss Lorraine, panicked, who shed a few tears before rushing forward, encouraged by her friends and the curious who attend the scene.

“Me, I couldn’t have been Miss”

Two couples of tourists from Midi-Pyrénées are particularly admiring, but not for the physical feat that one might imagine: “They must have woken up so early to be styled, made up and dressed like that! At least 5 o’clock in the morning. morning! Me, I could not have been Miss, I realize that it is a real job “certifies one of the wives. Maybe more difficult, in the end, than doing Koh Lanta …

Election of “Miss France 2022”, Saturday December 11 from 9:05 pm, on TF1.

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