Tuesday, January 18

UK. British royal family threatens to boycott BBC

Would war be declared between the BBC and the British royal family? Discussions do seem to have come to a standstill. Members of the royal family do not appreciate that the channel refuses to show them the content of a documentary before its broadcast, an anger that the royal family is not used to, underlines Point.

A refusal contrary to protocol

Meetings would have taken place between representatives of Prince William and the BBC except that the channel stands up to the heir to the British throne: no viewing for his royal highness before the broadcast to the general public. This refusal is contrary to the usual modus operandi which normally gives the Palace time to react upstream.

Entitled The Princes and the Media, the two-part documentary is presented by Amol Rajan. Responsible for the BBC’s media section, he is a well-known anti-monarchist who, when he ran the daily The Independent, had qualified the dynasty of “absurdity”.

The broadcast of the first part of his documentary, devoted to the period 2016-2018 between the formalization of Harry’s relationship with Megan Markle and their marriage, is scheduled for this Monday evening. The second will air on November 29, specifies Point.

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A call for boycott

If the Prince wants so much to watch the documentary before its broadcast, it is because it would echo – in particular the second part – of an alleged “information war between William and Harry”. According to some rumors, the two brothers have ordered relatives to slander in the media.

Faced with these allegations, William, supported by his father Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II, allegedly threatened to boycott the BBC, accusing him of anti-royalism. “It is disappointing that the BBC is giving substance to exaggerated and unfounded information from anonymous sources in this way,” said the three palaces concerned in a joint statement.

However, this is not the first time that such facts have been reported. Similar claims, claiming that William and his staff leaked a story about Harry’s mental health, had to be removed from the documentaryHarry And William : What Went Wrong ?, released last July.


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