Tuesday, January 18

United States. Car driving into the crowd during a Christmas parade: the death toll rises to 6 dead and at least 62 injured

The toll is heavier after the tragedy experienced Sunday by the inhabitants of Waukesha, in Wisconsin, in the United States, where a crazy car darkened on the public and the procession during a Christmas parade.

At least six people died and 62 people were injured.

Darrell Brooks Jr, 39, the individual suspected of throwing his car at the crowd, is being prosecuted for five intentional homicides, and a sixth charge will be added, said Susan Opper, a Waukesha County prosecutor in the Wisconsin.

Unknown motivations

He appeared before a city court judge, who officially set out the five charges against him, each of which carries a life sentence. The accused, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, kept his head down for most of the hearing, appearing to sob at times. His motivations are unknown and the authorities had ruled out a terrorist motive on Monday, but the indictment underscored the presumed intentional nature of his act.

He did not obey the orders of two police officers who ordered him to stop before arriving at the parade site. Instead, he accelerated, and one of the officers “observed that the vehicle seemed to be traveling intentionally from side to side of the road, hitting many people.”

Heavy judicial past

Darrell Brooks Jr has a heavy judicial past. He has been involved in a dozen cases since 2000 in three US states, according to the prosecution.

In 2020, he was notably indicted for endangering others after shooting his nephew during an altercation. He was finally released in February 2021 on $ 500 bail. At the beginning of November, he was again prosecuted for having hit and tried to crush the mother of his child. He was released a few days later on paying a $ 1,000 bond.

The Deputy Prosecutor “indicated that you used a vehicle to run over someone, so you are not responding well to what is considered common sense among the population, in our society,” Judge Kevin Costello commented at the address of the accused, before setting the next hearing for January 14.


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