Sunday, January 16

Unusual. MMA fighter argues with his roommate and bites his testicles

It’s an argument that has gone badly. Donovan Salvato, 29, an amateur MMA fighter, had a fight with his roommate last week in Nashville, Tennessee (United States), report several sites specializing in the combat sport.

During the brawl, Donovan Salvato allegedly bit his testicles before fleeing. When police arrived at the scene of the scuffle, the roommate had a bite mark of over 6cm on his testicles and his face was swollen and bruised. On November 16, the alleged perpetrator was arrested for domestic violence and spent 12 hours in a cell.

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He has since been indicted but denies biting the man. According to the police, the argument revolved around the fact that Donovan Salvato did not want this man in his home.

Abel Sosa, the roommate, commented on Facebook with humor after the fact. “Who can say he got his testicles bitten by a professional MMA fighter during a brawl? I wait … Nashville is so wild, I have encountered more dangers here than anywhere else,” he said. he reacted.

A piece of skin as proof

But he said he was still traumatized after receiving three stitches in his private parts. “The proof that I will use in court is literally a piece of skin that he managed to tear off,” concludes the injured roommate.

MMA is a combat sport that allows hits on the ground. Deemed too violent a few years ago, this martial art was finally authorized in France in early 2020.

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