Sunday, January 16

Vosges. Three dead in a few days: an unvaccinated family decimated by Covid-19

“Here, it’s astonishment …” In Courcelles-sous Châtenois, a small village in the Vosges of barely 80 inhabitants, we can’t get over it. In one week, the Covid-19 took away a family, tells Vosges Matin. The father, mother and son. All three unvaccinated.

The first to have died is the son, Dominique Py, 48 years old. He was found dead in his bed on Sunday November 14. Her mother, Odile, 82, barely survived her a day, since she died on Monday 15. Finally, the father, Robert Py, 89, died on Saturday, November 20 at the Neufchâteau hospital center. Appalling.

“Three people from the same family carried away by the virus, we have never seen that, blows an elected representative of the village. […] In the neighborhood, it’s still funny. It’s kind of shocking, isn’t it? We talk about it all the time. It’s a disaster.”

“Get vaccinated”, urges their stepdaughter

“It’s too much all of a sudden. We’re in shock and weren’t expecting it. It’s awful …” Ouafa, Robert and Odile Py’s daughter-in-law, is shattered by this situation.

She called out: “Get vaccinated!”. “The Covid is still present. To children who go to school and have their grandmother: if they are not vaccinated, let their grandparents alone during this period.”

Ouafa, a nursing assistant who admits having been against the vaccine for a long time (until her daughter convinced her), adds: “We took all this as a joke. It took an entire family to understand. .. “

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