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Advertiser content: Central and at the same time green – here Nina found the dream apartment

ACTIVE: Nina Tomter (54) has made her interest in exercise and health her way of life. A quiet morning at home in the apartment on Sole, gives the perfect start to the day.

– I bought the dream apartment without really realizing it, says Nina Tomter.

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SIGNAL BUILDING: The building has received a lot of attention due to its elegant architecture.

The lively 54-year-old thrives in the characteristic “Star Block” on Solehøyden in Vestby.

– It’s like living for yourself, it’s so cool with the star shape. I do not see neighbors on either side, just great views, she says.

Nina, who has a very active life both at work and in her free time, loves that there is a short way to “everything”:

MANY OFFERS: Right outside the door, Nina can use the tuft park, petanque and paddle court.

When you live on Solehøyden, you live very centrally in Vestby. It is ten minutes to walk to the city center and to the train station, at the same time just put on your shoes and go straight into nature. So the location is perfect!

Nina Tomter

– I like cycling and it is only a half hour ride down to the fjord by bike. There are good swimming opportunities. Idyllic towns such as Drøbak, Hvitsten and Son lie like pearls on a string, she continues.

VIEW: It’s like living for yourself. I do not see neighbors on any of the sides, just a great view, says Nina.

Got kicked out by the architecture

Nina Tomter has made her strong interest in health and exercise her way of life. She has solid experience as a personal trainer and runs Team Non Stop with outdoor training all year round, plus training trips to Mallorca, with everything from yoga to boot camp. In addition, she is an instructor in first aid. She moved to Solehøyden in February.


– I got a little kick when I saw the exciting architecture, but that everything should be so to the degree in the middle of nowhere for me, I had not dreamed of, she says. Now she is super happy that she trusted her gut feeling and moved from Drøbak to Vestby.

– Here I can run straight into nature, it is rural, green and nice, at the same time as there is proximity to so much. Vestby center has really become a hub.

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Green and close to the center

– We have been concerned with making Sole a pleasant living environment, which is both green and close to the city center, says general manager of Sole Bolig AS, Nikolas Kyris.

He says that the building has received a lot of attention due to its location and the elegant architecture:

– “Star Block” has become a signature building for the entire area. More money has been spent than usual on outdoor areas and access to garages and homes to be attractive.

THE DEVELOPER: Sole is both green and close to the city center, says general manager of Sole Bolig AS, Nikolas Kyris.

Those who move from a detached house to an apartment will probably experience a significantly simpler everyday life.

Nikolas Kyris, general manager of Sole Bolig AS

Good insulation and water-borne underfloor heating could also be a pleasant surprise on the electricity bill, compared to older houses, says Nikolas Kyris.


The opportunity to use nature has been essential for the development of Sole as a residential area. Sole Bolig AS has so far built approx. 450 homes in the area and there are plans for another 800. The plot, which is a total of approx. 450 goals, will still have a full approx. 200 acres of free areas when the development is completed.

NEAR MARKA: Here the doorstep mile will not be long, says Nina.

The good start to the day

– The mornings here are a dream. It’s so calm. I like to do some morning yoga before I sit down with the coffee cup, a good breakfast, candles and enjoy the view. It gives me a fresh and good start to a day that is otherwise very active, says Nina.

– I was so surprised when I came out on the terrace for the first time. I do not see the neighbors on either side and it feels like I am at the top of the building, even though I am only on the third floor.

A few days a week, Nina is early for work and out of the building already at 06. Then it is pure luxury to take the elevator down to the garage and get into a hot car.

– The fact that I have nature so close to me makes me really feel good. Here I can relax, mentally and physically. After an active day at work, it’s wonderful to get into the apartment, shrug and just be me.


THE GOOD FEELING: – The fact that I have nature so close to me, makes me really get a good feeling, says Nina. Hiking and skiing trails are close by, and half an hour by bike takes you to bathing idylls by the Oslo Fjord.


Free and bright

Large balconies extend freely from the body of the building and point out in all directions. The characteristic design language means that the apartments have a clear view with open and airy living areas.

PERFECT COMBO: Sole offers the opportunity to work in Oslo and relax in a green environment, says real estate agent Dina Dahl in Eiendomsmegler 1 Vestby / Son.

– Here there is light and air on three sides, which very few new projects can boast of, points out real estate agent Dina Dahl in Eiendomsmegler 1 Vestby / Son.

In the planning of the area, great emphasis was placed on there being a good distance between the buildings, with spacious, green rooms for light, visibility, accommodation and play. The apartments are located on the ridge, while access and parking are added to the terrain.


– There are modern, spacious apartments with a good floor plan, a high interior standard and options if you want to make the home even more your own. The large garage facility has good capacity and arrangements for electric cars. The central, but at the same time quiet location, offers the opportunity for a perfect combination between working in Oslo and relaxing in a green environment. Here is a good living environment for everyone, regardless of age, she emphasizes.

On a clear day you can see Holmenkollen from Solehøyden, but you get a lot more for your money here than in Oslo.

Dina Dahl, real estate agent

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