Saturday, December 4

Celine Dion: the singer’s family smashes the film Aline

Michel and Claudette Dion, two of the brothers and sisters of singer Celine Dion, do not like the feature film Aline directed by Valérie Lemercier.

This film, freely inspired by the life of Celine Dion and released in theaters on November 10, even arouses their anger. “I do not recognize the language, I do not recognize my family, I do not recognize our roots,” said Tuesday evening Claudette Dion, the sister and godmother of the international star, during her visit to a Quebec talk show from the Noovo TV channel.

Claudette points to a “humor that does not pass” and scenes that go “too far”. “She (Valérie Lemercier) has paid for a trip, a nasty trip on Celine’s back”, regrets Claudette Dion, who denounces in particular a lack of realism. “My mother never spoke like that to René, and Céline never wanted for anything. We pass for a gang of Bougon. I’m sorry, but in Charlemagne, we didn’t have a cabin, and the house was always clean. We always say that we have never known misery because mom knew how to do everything and that dad had three jobs ”, protests the sister of the interpreter of All by myself.

Michel Dion also denounces approximations. Regarding the development of the song It was only a dream, he recalls that contrary to what is shown in the film, it is actually Jacques Dion who is the author. “These are details that everyone knows. There have been so many biographies, documentaries and DVDs, ”he lamented.

Valérie Lemercier cancels her coming to a show

Invited in Julie Snyder’s show this Wednesday, the director has finally canceled her visit. “I find it unfortunate that the very legitimate freedom of expression of Claudette and Michel Dion has irritated someone who claims to respect Celine Dion and her family,” the host told La Presse. “Basically, Madame Lemercier is canceling her presence on our show because the members of the Dion family have spoken, for the very first time, on her film. All of Quebec, France and the French-speaking world were eager to know what members of the Dion family think of a film pasticating the life of their sister and theirs ”.

“It’s a fiction”, for his part wished to recall the French actress and director. ” I did not watch [l’interview de Claudette et Michel Dion, ndlr], but I heard about it, she underlined according to the remarks reported by the Journal de Montreal.

“I said from the start that this film was fictional and that there are a lot of things that have been invented and fictionalized. What interested me was having a little freedom to tell this story. It is cinema, a fiction. I’m not going to apologize for existing and for making this film. […] I was very careful to pay tribute to him [à Céline] and never to spoil her and her family. I don’t think I messed around with the world. “

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