Saturday, December 4

Covid-19. Third dose for all, instructions for use

For who ?

Adults 18 years of age and older are eligible for a third booster dose with a messenger RNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna). That is 19 million French people (of the 25 million eligible, 6 million have already received their reminder).

Adolescents are not affected by the recall. Children under 12 are not eligible for vaccination. The European Health Security Agency gave the green light Thursday to the Pfizer vaccine for children. France is studying the possibility of authorizing vaccination for children, but not before the start of 2022. By then, the Minister of Health wants to refer to the National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) and awaits the opinion of the Haute health authority.

When ?

The time to receive a third dose has been reduced to 5 months from your second injection (compared to 6 previously). Enlargement starts from this Saturday.

You have two months after your initial vaccination to do your booster. When this limit is exceeded, your health pass will no longer be valid. The change to the pass will come into effect from January 15 for the entire population (December 15 for those over 65). A notification on the TousAntiCovid application will alert you of the time you have left to comply with the rule. Otherwise, your pass will be disconnected 7 months after the date of your second dose.

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What if I had the Covid?

“An infection corresponds to an injection”, summarizes Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health. Your booster dose comes five months after your Covid-19 contamination.

What if I am not vaccinated?

The government is putting pressure on the 6 million unvaccinated. The conditions for using the health pass with a test are tightened. Previously, a 72 hour test was used to obtain the pass. Now the test should be 24 hours old. “You will have to be tested every day at your expense”, summarizes Olivier Véran.

Where to make an appointment?

Vaccination is open in vaccination centers, but also in town (doctor, pharmacist …) However, you will need to be patient to get an appointment. The announcements sparked a new influx of requests: in the two hours which followed Olivier Véran’s conference, Doctolib registered 350,000.

This time, the doses are not lacking, unlike at the beginning of the year 2021. France has, according to Olivier Véran, 25 million vaccines in stock. What to vaccinate everyone, estimates the Minister of Health. There remains the logistical challenge. How to set up, without bottlenecks, such a rapid massive campaign? A point on which the Scientific Council warned in its last opinion. The executive relies on vaccination in the city. And will revive the activity of vaccinodromes. “We are going to open, reopen or expand the vaccination centers from this weekend,” said Olivier Véran.

And the barrier gestures?

The acceleration of the vaccination campaign is accompanied by a strengthening of barrier actions. The mask is once again compulsory everywhere indoors. And outside in events bringing together people, such as Christmas markets (which will be subject to the health pass) and flea markets.

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