Saturday, December 4

The danger is not over in the United States

  • Hilde Restad

    Associate Professor, Oslo New University College

  • Hilmar Mjelde

    Seniorforsker, Norce

The development in the Republican party started before Donald Trump, otherwise that party would not accept him as its candidate in 2016, the authors of the post write.

The great challenge for the United States is that the Republican Party can no longer stand.

This is a debate post. Opinions in the text are at the writer’s expense.

In its response to our column «Democracy can collapse in the United States. Norway must be prepared “Andreas Hardhaug Olsen claims that” As usual it is about Trump and corrupt Republicans. Nothing else.”

Then he has not read the first two thirds of the article, which is not about Trump. They are about American political history and the development of the two political parties, especially their relationship to electoral law.

On the other hand, we have read Olsen’s entire post. He would like us to make an “attempt to say why the wind is blowing in Republican sails.” It is, of course, interesting to see why many American voters still support an increasingly radical Republican party. But now we wanted to turn to Norwegian politicians who work with foreign and security policy to emphasize the seriousness of Norway’s most important security allies being in democratic decline.

These days it’s censorship time. We hope our students read Olsen’s post, which is a study in how not argue. The main part of the article is a demonstration in “what-aboutism”, ie in changing the theme and saying “yes, but what about this here” rather than sticking to the theme and coming up with relevant counter-arguments. The main part of Olsen’s post is about everything the democratic party (supposedly) has done since 2016.

The fact remains that in spite of all the criticisable things the democratic party does and says, the party essentially stays within the rules of the game of liberal democracy.

The great challenge for the United States is that the Republican Party can no longer stand. The nativist ideology and rhetoric, Trump’s attempted coup, for which the party has not held him responsible, and the tampering with the election laws are the most obvious examples of this.

This is a development that started before Trump, otherwise the Republican Party would not accept him as its candidate in 2016. This is something everyone who cares about the United States must relate to.

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