Saturday, December 4

Uber – Uber drivers will not ease the pressure on traffic in Brussels without concrete action

(Belga) As long as they do not obtain anything concrete, drivers holding an LVC (Rental Car with Driver) license, who use the Uber application for paid passenger transport, will maintain actions aimed at limiting the traffic in Brussels. The common front made up of the Association Belge des Chauffeurs de Limousine (ABCL), the Union des chauffeurs Limousine Belge (UCLB) and the Union Syndicale Des Chauffeurs Privés (USCP), saw positive progress at the end of the day on Thursday. after a meeting with the cabinet of Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort and the announcement of an agreement on the reform project for the paid passenger transport services sector. Progress considered insufficient at this stage, however.

The text of the preliminary draft ordinance adapted to the agreement reached on Thursday may be submitted shortly for consultations and opinions. According to Rudi Vervoort, the text will establish a “secure and reliable legal framework for all professionals in the sector (associations of drivers, associations of operators and platforms) while ensuring quality service for users”. A judgment of the Brussels Court of Appeal handed down on Wednesday, recognizing as illegal the use of the Uber application, should result in the immobilization on Friday at 6 p.m. of some 2,000 drivers who work with the application. “We are told of an intermediate solution until the final start of the Taxi plan, but we decided in this vagueness to continue the actions tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday”, explains Fernando Redondo, president of the ABCL. “We will continue to maintain the pressure until something concrete is achieved. Otherwise, we will end up in the street without work. Tomorrow night, everything stops. We find the progress of the day positive, but we want something concrete because We have been making promises for 7 years. ” Hundreds of drivers have paralyzed car traffic in Brussels since Wednesday evening by driving at a walk. At the end of Thursday afternoon, the disturbances related to this snail operation remained major at the level of the small belt and the rue de la Loi, as well as in the rue Belliard and at the entrance of the Belliard tunnel, according to Mobiris, the traffic monitoring service of Bruxelles Mobilité. (Belga)

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