Monday, January 24

Avian influenza: a first outbreak detected in a farm in northern France

An outbreak of avian influenza has been spotted on a poultry farm in the Nord department of France. This is the first outbreak detected in breeding since the epizootic last winter, the Ministry of Agriculture announced on Saturday.

This first case may have consequences on the export outlets for its poultry. Because France loses its status “free” from avian influenza, explained the ministry.

“While avian influenza viruses are actively circulating in Europe through migratory birds, France detected on November 26 an outbreak due to a highly pathogenic strain in a laying hen farm located in the town of Warhem, in the Nord department, ”the ministry said in a statement.

Health measures taken

The suspicion of infection follows a finding of abnormal mortalities among poultry on the farm. Sanitary measures have been taken. The hens will be slaughtered and the home will be disinfected. A protection zone (3 km around the outbreak) and a surveillance zone (10 km) have been established by the prefect of the region

France had already declared since the end of the summer four cases of avian influenza in wildlife and three cases in backyards on the metropolitan territory.

In Europe, 26 countries are currently affected by influenza viruses, affecting more than 400 outbreaks in breeding and 600 cases in wildlife, specifies the ministry.

The consumption of meat, foie gras and eggs – and more generally of any food product made from poultry – does not present any risk for humans, insists the ministry.

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