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Community managers, web designers, developers …: professions of the future in communities

The digital revolution is taking over the public service. With consequences for employment. Local authorities still prefer to train their agents internally in web professions. But the need for web professionals will grow in the communications and cybersecurity sectors in particular. (File of site)

In the private sector, when it comes to recruiting, digital companies suffer from a mismatch between labor supply and demand. The public sector is not left out: “There is a lack of channels, Explain Franck Confino, founder and former director of the Adverbia agency, expert in social and communication networks of local communities. The human resources departments (HRD) are lost, because with these jobs, we are leaving the traditional sectors of the public service. There is a lot of’self-taught and, often, the job descriptions are not adapted. “

Key figures

  • According to key figures 2014 of Syntec Numérique, IT specialists represent 3.3% of private sector employees in France. There are 17,000 digital professionals in the 3 public functions, and near 20,000 independent IT specialists.

Digital pros often trained in-house

However, digital professionals are still relatively little courted by local authorities. “I know a lot of people ready to do the job of community manager , but local authorities recruit little “, highlighted Franck Confino. Local authorities which should nevertheless benefit from the enthusiasm of young people for the web, because many of them lack attractiveness.

Digital revolution: an inevitable culture shock in the public sector

Because communities will have to initiate this digital revolution. Otherwise, they risk finding themselves out of step with users but also with their agents, some of whom come from the private sector.

For the moment, what sins, ” it’s here hyperpyramidal and compartmental culture of the community, explains Franck Confino. It’s more a question of culture shock and old habits encysted only a question of means. “

To undertake this revolution, Franck Confino advises them to recruit a chief digital officer (CDO). The will support digital transformation, but not only on social networks. It must also ensure dematerialization, support for digital culture and culture of change with managers.

“For this to work, you need a shared adventure, a deconcentration of production and the participation of the whole community,” he explains. chief digital officer the s’en charger.”

Social media manager + community manager : the ideal pair

He also recommends hiring an ideal pair: the social media manager et le community manager. The first, conductor, defines the digital strategy of the community, while the second executes it and animates the networks. “But elected officials still have difficulty understanding the profession”, he emphasizes.

Another fundamental job, that of technical webmaster, but generally, this function is outsourced, unlike the job of editorial webmaster, which corresponds to territorial web journalism. “This profession recruits the most, because someone has to feed the content”, adds Franck Confino.

Digital: 36,000 net job creations

Large-scale data processing – big data– and online marketing should also lead to job creation : data analyst, digital community manager, web ergonomist, information system / cloud architect, web project manager or specialist in cybersecurity.

In these professions, agents are relatively young and less affected by retirements. But job creation will be necessary to support the development of new technologies. This should benefit computer engineers, study and research staff, and technical industry executives.

In the short term, the developers or from web designers will be in high demand in the labor market. Professionals in the sector have identified more than 36,000 net job creations in the digital sector by 2018.


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