Wednesday, January 26

Covid-19: PCR test and isolation will now be required to travel to UK

This Saturday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a tightening of entry measures in the United Kingdom in order to slow the spread of the Omicron variant. A PCR test will now be required two days after arrival on British territory, and isolation must be observed pending its result.

“We must now go further and put in place a new testing regime,” said the leader, after two cases of the Covid-19 variant with 32 mutations were detected across the Channel, as confirmed by the authorities of the UK this Saturday.

“We will ask anyone entering the UK to take a PCR test two days after arriving, and self-isolate until they have the result.” This new measure thus replaces the antigen test which was requested two days after the arrival of travelers on their territory. On the other hand, no isolation was so far required, pending the results.

The wearing of the compulsory mask is also making a comeback in stores, with the aim of “strengthening protection against the variant,” as Boris Johnson said. Until now, the English had to wear their masks in public transport.

If for the moment it is still too early to comment on “the effectiveness of the vaccine against the Omicron variant”, the health authorities nevertheless intend to intensify their recall campaign, by reducing the period necessary between the second and the third dose. In addition, the British Prime Minister has made it known that “the eligible groups will be enlarged as much as possible”.

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