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Drama for Karlsson after the victory: – The pants burned up

RUKA (VG) Frida Karlsson (22) cried in pain as a result of the freezing cold in Finland after the victory. In the target area, her pants started to burn.

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– When you are out there you feel nothing, but when you reach the finish line you freeze, Karlsson told the press after the victory of 10 kilometers in classic.

It was around minus 15 degrees in Ruka and the darkness settles early in the Finnish forests. Karlsson felt it painfully.

– I did not feel my fingers at the end of the race. I felt: “can anyone help me. I had no feeling, says Karlsson according to Aftonbladet.

She was helped by the Finnish runner Kristä Parmakoski first. Then came medical help.

But not enough with that. In the finish area, it was also too hot around Frida Karlsson.

– My pants started to burn. I do not know. I was probably too hot, says Karlsson to Aftonbladet and laughs.

– There was some element stuff. I do not know, says Karlsson.

The 22-year-old says the trousers burned up, and that she had to borrow trousers from someone in the support apparatus.

After an intense battle for seconds in the cold Finnish forests, Karlsson won by 13.7 seconds. German Katharina Hennig (25) took third place.

– I’m super happy. It was very fun, said a radiantly cheerful Karlsson to the organizer, while the audience clapped in the stands in minus 15 degrees.

This was the Swedish 22-year-old’s second individual victory against Therese Johaug. The first came at three miles in Holmenkollen in 2020.

– I felt that I had control throughout the race, and I always had an extra gear to add. It was a wonderful feeling to have, says Karlsson to VG about the strong ending.

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