Sunday, January 16

Dramatic World Cup party: – He’s going to be so annoyed

Magnus Carlsen had the upper hand, but Jan Nepomnyashchij escaped.

Magnus Carlsen failed to land the victory on Saturday.


Magnus Carlsen could have won. And he could have lost. But the other World Cup party ended in a draw, after a real war on the board.

Carlsen played aggressively with white pieces and was closest to winning towards the end, but opponent Nepomnyashchij managed.

– Magnus will be so annoyed with himself, says Grandmaster David Howell in the broadcast to

– A terrific party

This was the second straight draw at the World Cup in Dubai. But ever since Magnus Carlsen sacrificed a farmer early, there was excitement.

Carlsen played surprisingly and ambitiously. Initially, Nepomnyashchy seemed uncomfortable.

However, the players alternated on the upper hand. For a long time, “Nepo” had one tower more than Carlsen, while the Norwegian had one more horse. It would normally have been a great advantage for the Russian, but Carlsen’s pieces were generally better placed.

The position was fragile for both parties. Several times, one inaccurate move could have ruined everything.

– A terrific party, sums up Jon Ludvig Hammer on VGTV.

The World Cup match is played as the best of 14 games. On Sunday, game 3 will be played, where Nepomnyashchij has the advantage of white pieces

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