Monday, January 17

Here are the best soups according to 60 million consumers

The temperatures drop and the cold sets in. Here is a time to eat soup. Appreciated for its comforting side, it can also be very nutritious. The best is undoubtedly the one you prepare yourself, but not everyone has time to cook.

There are a multitude of soup references in supermarkets. But beware, they are not all created equal. Last January, 60 million consumers had sifted through 28 commercially available soups: ground vegetables, pumpkin soups, leek soup …

After analysis, many preparations turned out to be disappointing, in particular in relation to a salt level considered too high. Others contained pesticides and controversial substances like palm oil.

However, the magazine singled out several products. For pumpkin soups, dehydrated bags of “pumpkin soup with toasted chestnut pieces” from Bio Cambrésis come first.

For the mixed vegetables, Marcel Bio’s “7 organic vegetables” soup is recommended.

Finally, for the leek and potato veloutés, it is that of the Liebig brand.

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