Friday, January 28

Here the young boy is handcuffed. The police fear that this area will become a gathering place for young criminals.

Here the police take action. Goal: Stop the development of criminal gangs in Oslo.

Several young people in central Oslo are potential killers, according to the police.

The criminal youth groups have become younger, more dangerous and more criminal.

Two criminal environments in particular create headaches for the police.

7.30 pm: The police cars are parked in line outside Oslo S. Just over 20 black-clad police officers are preparing for a new operation.

Detectors are distributed, and areas of responsibility in and around Oslo S are distributed.

Here, the police are ready to act in and around Oslo S.

Before the cluster of cops dissolves.

Some move quietly up the stone stairs and disappear into the revolving doors of Norway’s busiest train station. Others leave the gathering place in patrol cars and find their seats outside. All inputs must be checked.

A new knife search, especially aimed at young men, is carried out.

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