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Karlsson outclassed Johaug in the sprint: – A little too careful

RUKA / OSLO (VG) Therese Johaug (33) had to see herself beaten by Frida Karlsson (22) at the Olympic exercise 10 kilometers classic. Johaug lost a lot in a downhill run.

CHANGE OF THRONE: Here, Therese Johaug (right) must relinquish the leadership chair to Frida Karlsson, who inflicted a rare defeat on the Norwegian star.

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After an intense battle for seconds in the cold Finnish forests, Karlsson won by 13.7 seconds. German Katharina Hennig (25) took third place.

– I’m super happy. It was very fun, said a radiantly cheerful Karlsson to the organizer, while the audience clapped in the stands in minus 15 degrees.

This was the Swedish 22-year-old’s second individual victory against Therese Johaug. The first came at three miles in Holmenkollen in 2020.

– I felt that I had control throughout the race, and I always had an extra gear to add. It was a wonderful feeling to have, says Karlsson to VG about the strong ending.

At 6.1 kilometers, Johaug was only 3.2 kilometers behind the Swede, and it was time for a highly dramatic end. But Johaug was too careful in a downhill run and lost a lot of time.

– I lost a bit a lot in one downhill run. I was a little reserved. I got a small skid, so I probably lost maybe five seconds there. I was a little cautious, but I will not blame it at all. Frida leads the whole race towards me. I did my best, but she was better, says Johaug to VG.

According to TV 3, which broadcast the race, it is over six years since someone beat Johaug in the ten-kilometer classic interval start.

– Everything has to work to win and be in top shape, and I was not. I was missing the last gear, says Johaug.

Karlsson has previously retaliated against criticism:

– That’s how it is. It goes up and down. Today it was Frida who won and then Johaug is extra lit and that’s all right. It is good that people are in shape now, says Heidi Weng, who became Norway’s second best with a 10th place in Ruka, to VG.

– It’s surprising, I had thought Therese would take it. It shows that it is not just to congratulate Therese before the race, says Ragnhild Haga, who finished in 31st place, to VG.

Karlsson has previously been criticized for his training work in the match against Johaug, but strongly disproved his critics on Saturday afternoon.

– It was a great start on my part. It is something to build on, says Karlsson.

Flugstad Østberg back

It was seen as a disappointing Norwegian afternoon in Finland. Heidi Weng was Norway’s second best in 10th place, 55.7 seconds behind Karlsson.

– I am happy, I did not do any better today, Weng says to VG.

It was gratifying, however, that Ingvild Flugstad Østberg was back on the ski track. The 31-year-old went on Saturday his first ski race since March 2020, and smiled broadly for the first few meters from the start.

Flugstad Østberg ended up in 33rd place, one minute and 52 seconds behind Karlsson.

Lotta Udnes Weng was number 15, Ragnhild Haga number 21 and Anna Svendsen number 36.

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