Tuesday, January 25

Krüger in 74th place (!): – Do not understand anything

RUKA (VG) Simen Hegstad Krüger (28) is currently far away from Olympic form. In the World Cup opening, he was number 74 without understanding what went wrong.

HELPLESS: Simen Hegstad Krüger had no explanation for what went wrong in Ruka.

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– I do not know what happened. It was an extremely heavy day. Why I do not know completely. There was no such thing as a voice, says Krüger to VG in the cold in Ruka.

He finished as number 74 on the Olympic exercise 15 kilometers classic, and was over 3 minutes bak winner Iivo Niskanen. Nor at Beitostølen during the national opening did the Lyn runner fight at the top.

– It was a halfway weekend last, but I felt things were going on. I thought things would get better today. It was completely dark today, says Krüger.

He was thinking of breaking the gutter along the way in the beautiful, but cool winter weather in the Finnish forests.

Besides a couple of dog bites the drive-up has gone as it should for the 28-year-old. Krüger announced this fall that he wanted to Be out of shape early.

He became Olympic champion in 2018, and has proven himself as a championship runner in recent years. But for now, Krüger is far from the form required at the Beijing Olympics in February.

– There is a lot that needs to change before next weekend. I know things can change quickly, and I hope it is a completely different Simen at the start of everything next week, says Krüger and thinks about the World Cup weekend in Lillehammer.

National team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum had to scratch his head when asked what happened to Krüger.

– It is the same thing that has happened every time he has walked 15 kilometers classic here in Ruka. I understand nothing, and he understands nothing. There is something about this place, says Nossum and reminds that it can turn around quickly for the 28-year-old.

Lightning colleague Hans Christer Holund states that Krüger is not in shape.

– It’s a little too bad. I’ve not talked to him yet, so I do not know what went wrong. We can only hope he gets up to speed over the winter, says Holund.

Finnish Niskanen won for the third time at home and thus broke Aleksandr Bolshunov’s series of five straight victories in classic World Cup races. He was joined by Alexei Chervotkin and Bolshunov on the podium.

The rest of the Norwegians were a good distance from the podium: 7) Emil Iversen, Norway 0.28,9, 9) Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, Norway 0.41,7, 10) Pål Golberg, Norway 0.45,7, 12) Hans Christer Holund 0.59,2 , 74) Simen Hegstad Krüger 3.13,5


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