Monday, January 17

More autonomy in Guadeloupe: the right denounces a decline or abandonment of the government

Xavier Bertrand, candidate for the nomination of the Republicans for the presidential election, in Amiens, in the Somme, November 22, 2021 Ludovic MARIN

The right-wing opposition denounced on Saturday the government’s proposal for a debate on more autonomy in Guadeloupe in the grip of a social crisis, the head of RN Marine Le Pen for her part considering that the state is trying “to buy the radical separatists “.

Given that “some elected officials have asked the question of autonomy” in Guadeloupe, “the government is ready to talk about it. There are no bad debates as long as these debates serve to resolve the real problems of the daily, “said the Minister of Overseas Territories on Friday in a televised address to Guadeloupe. He also announced the creation of “1,000 subsidized jobs for young people”.

“The government’s response to the crisis in the West Indies is autonomy! Guadeloupeans and Martinicans do not want less State, on the contrary: they want the State to stand by their side and assume its responsibilities”, tweeted Xavier Bertrand, candidate for the nomination of the Republicans for the presidential election.

Mr Lecornu immediately replied on the same social network: “Stop the lies and approximations @xavierbertrand! After consulting them, I see that elected officials in the West Indies want certain issues, including health issues to be addressed locally in the future = + d ‘ We do not reject this debate, “he said.

Another candidate at LR for the presidential nomination, Michel Barnier estimated that what was “at stake is the unity of the Nation”. “What is expected of the government in the West Indies is authority, dialogue and health and economic support. Neither panic nor improvisation. It is not allowed to cast doubt on our attachment to the Overseas France, “he warned.

Eric Ciotti, also in the LR nomination race, denounced him as a step back from the executive.

“After Notre-Dame-des-Landes, macronism is still giving way to the street and to rioters in the West Indies – opening of a dialogue on the autonomy of Guadeloupe – postponement of the vaccination obligation for caregivers With Macron, the Republic give in and recoil in the face of violence, ”he tweeted.

On the far right, the presidential candidate of RN Marine Le Pen said that “to try to buy the radical separatists, the government says it is ready to let go of Guadeloupe”. “This is not what Guadeloupeans expect! They expect the state to be protected and respected and to be offered future prospects,” she added in a tweet.

Guadeloupe and Martinique, two Caribbean islands hit by poverty and high unemployment, are shaken by social crisis born of a challenge to the anti-Covid vaccine mandatory for caregivers and firefighters.

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