Wednesday, January 19

Movie theater. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Point Break … cult objects from films sold at auction

Movie fans around the world have taken note of the dates: December 2 and 3 is an exceptional auction in Los Angeles and online. The Julien’s house sells hundreds of goods, photos and letters that belonged to Marilyn Monroe, as well as costumes and objects used in cult films.

Marilyn Monroe, Buster Keaton, Hugh Heffner…

A first part of the sale will be devoted to Marilyn Monroe. Vases that belonged to him, letters, poems, photos and even a tiling of his bathroom are available.

Several personal collections are available, including stage costumes by Barbra Streisand, designs by stylist Bob Mackie, objects belonging to Hugh Heffner (the founder of Playboy), signed posters of Jane Fonda, a hat and makeup cases from Buster Keaton, fragments of the Berlin Wall recovered by actor Bob Hope …

Objects and costumes from all eras

For fans of movie objects, the sale is a Hollywood museum: the magic wand of Ron Weasley and Remus Lupine in the Harry Potter saga, the yellow black striped costume of Bruce Lee’s liner, faux weapons from the saga John Wick (Keanu Reeves), the Nike sneakers of Back to the future, weapons and jewelry from Times-Face, decorative elements of the Lord of the Rings, the police badge of Inspector Gadget, objects from various films Batman, the dragon glass dagger of Game of Thrones, the “hawk” armor of Yul Brynner in The ten Commandments, signed elements of the series Jinny of my dreams, costumes and objects from the series and films of the Star Trek universe, one of the fake guns used by Bruce Willis in crystal trap, original drawings for movie posters with Chuck Norris, a weapon of Mars Attacks

You dressed her in leather from Terminator

Items that should see the auction take off are Patrick Swayze’s signed windsurf board used in the film Point Break, the lightsaber of Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) in Star Wars, the costume worn by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, the jeans and the leather jacket worn by Arnold Schwartzenegger in Terminator 2, a Batman costume “head” for Michael Keaton in Tim Burton’s movie, The Lasso of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), the replica of the heart necklace of Titanic, or the USS Yeager model of the series Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Among these collections are also works of art that have belonged to actors, in particular two works by Banksy, limited editions or autographed lithographs by Chagall, Picasso, Renoir or even Miro. Reproductions that almost take a back seat, as the sale is so rich in elements of our popular culture.

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