Wednesday, January 19

Nakstad: Unnecessary to cancel Christmas tree lighting and Christmas table

Canceled Christmas tables and strict rules at Christmas events outdoors are unnecessarily strict, says assistant health director Espen Rostrup Nakstad.

Frogn municipality wants to avoid crowding and therefore lights the Christmas tree in Drøbak early in the morning.

Rema 1000 is among the companies that state that they “as a general rule” will cancel their Christmas dinners, also at the head office with 500 employees, reports Dagbladet Saturday. They hope to be able to celebrate the New Year instead.

Some municipalities have chosen to introduce local corona rules, even though they are not required to do so.

Instead of lighting the Christmas tree on the square in the afternoon on the first Sunday in Advent, the candles in Drøbak will be lit early in the morning this year. This is how you want to avoid infection.

– In consultation with the municipal superior, this year we create a Christmas atmosphere in the square over several hours, while we wait to once again be able to gather many people for traditional Christmas tree lighting in the square, it says at Frogn municipality websites.

Espen Nakstad thinks Christmas dinners are fine, as long as people are healthy.

No time around the tree

At Nesodden, there will be both Christmas tree lighting and a Christmas market, but there will be some corona changes.

– There will be no walking around the Christmas tree, and there will be guards who encourage keeping a distance. All adults should wear a bandage, keep their distance and avoid squeezing and handshaking, says municipal chief physician Liv BT Hagen to Akershus Amtstidende.

Nakstad does not think this is necessary.

– We have not recommended it. When we live as we do now, we are in contact with many hundreds of people every day. You can only start counting from the time you get up until you get home again. Then standing outdoors for an hour at a Christmas tree lighting will not really be an extra risk, he says to TV 2.

Although it can be stint with people, Nakstad thinks it is OK to meet outside to watch Christmas tree lighting. Here from a previous year at Universitetsplassen in Oslo.

Christmas dinner is fine

Nor will he warn against Christmas dinners, as long as the guests are healthy.

– Meeting colleagues at the Christmas table, if everyone is healthy, does not pose a risk either. The thing to keep in mind is that if you are sick or any of those you are going to meet are sick, then you have to stay home.

On Thursday, the message went to all employees in Kongsberg Gruppen and FMC that this year’s Christmas table will be canceled again, writes Laagendalsposten. Several hotels in the area report cancellations, among them Lampeland hotels.

– Now it has become the case that we are used to a little dynamism. There are some who have come in the last week, who want a Christmas table here, there are also some large groups who have canceled, says general manager Kari Tveiten to the newspaper.

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