Monday, January 17

Nicolas Hulot case: Yannick Jadot’s spokesperson, Matthieu Orphelin, was “withdrawn” from the campaign

Mounir Satouri, the campaign manager of the environmentalist presidential candidate Yannick Jadot, announced on Saturday evening that Matthieu Orphelin, spokesperson, was “withdrawn from his responsibilities”. “I am not fooled,” reacted Orphelin, which highlights a political disagreement.

This announcement follows accusations of rape and sexual assault against former minister and environmental activist Nicolas Hulot, unveiled this week. Matthieu Orphelin, environmentalist deputy for Maine-et-Loire and close to Hulot, had declared himself “dumbfounded” by these accusations in a press release published on Friday.

“The serenity necessary for the exercise of his functions is no longer possible following the revelations” concerning Nicolas Hulot, explained Satouri in another press release this Saturday. It is specified that it was judged “opportune to release him from this responsibility (of spokesperson, editor’s note) and to leave him free of his answers and his communication”.

Orphan talks about political disagreements

The deputy reacted to this withdrawal with a message posted on social networks. Orphan explains there that he was warned of this decision on Saturday. “I take note of this automatic ‘withdrawal’ and of the reason used. I repeat that I have never covered the slightest reprehensible act of Nicolas Hulot ”he specifies.

According to him, the reasons for this decision would be political. “But I’m not fooled. I informed Yannick Jadot this week that I wanted to end my functions as spokesperson before December 20 (…) given the difficulties of the campaign and my non-adherence to his strategic choices ” -he.

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