Friday, January 21

Norwegian grand slam in Östersund – Holm Lægreid to the top

Sturla Holm Lægreid (24) gave Johannes Thingnes Bø a match at the door in the World Cup summary last season. Today he started the World Cup with a convincing victory after 20 hits on the normal.

BEST AGAIN: Sturla Holm Lægreid in action on today’s 20-kilometer.

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This was the 24-year-old’s eighth World Cup winner in his 31st race. The statistics on the normal distance are unbelievable:

Four 20-kilometers, three victories and a 2nd place. Three times he has shot 20 hits on the normal.

– It is enormous what he carries out, states NRK expert Ola Lunde.

The closest came Tarjei Bø, who had two booms. He went faster than little brother Johannes, but was 59 seconds behind Holm Lægreid in the finish.

Thingnes Bø was unsure of his form after a cold ruined an entire training week, but he got to grips quite quickly on the 20-kilometer in Östersund. After a boom on each of the first two shots, he was flawless in the last two. It held to a 4th place.

Simon Desthieux pushed Thingnes Bø down from the podium. The Frenchman, like Thingnes Bø, had 18 hits.

In his third World Cup race, Sivert Bakken managed to shoot 20 hits when he went into a 5th place. His best position was a 24th place in a sprint until today he was one of three who hit the ruble and bit.

Eduard Latypov went into a 6th place. He went wrong towards the goal and lost a few seconds.

The race is still going on!

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