Monday, January 24

Ridley Scott Blames Millennials for Flop in “The Last Duel”

By earning only $ 28 million (or nearly 24 million euros) at the box office, while its budget amounted to 100 million dollars (about 88 million euros), the film “The Last Duel”, is considered a flop. Director Ridley Scott blames it “on the millennials.”

If this film can boast of shining by its cast which includes Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Adam Driver and Jodie Comer, without forgetting the story which remains relevant even though it takes place in medieval times, and a promotion Properly tied up by Disney according to Scott, this was not enough to make the box office figures take off.

“I think it can be boiled down to the fact that today we have audiences who are not able to lift their heads from their p *** of smartphones. Millennials who don’t want to hear anything, except if it comes out of their phone, ”the 83-year-old director got off at the podcast’s microphone. WTF presented by American comedian, Marc Maron.

“The Last Duel” which is none other than the film adaptation of the book of the same name written by Eric Jager, traces the adventure of one of the last legal duels in France which took place in 1386. If his film did not really seduce the public, Ridley Scott nevertheless remains fair play by admitting “that you cannot win every time”. He also remains proud of these projects. He thus says “never to have had the slightest regret on any of the films he made”.

In the meantime, Ridley Scott has his eyes set on his new film, “House of Gucci”. With Adam Driver once again on the bill, the feature film has been in French theaters since November 24.

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