Monday, January 24

Two people infected with omicron in Hong Kong have a high viral load

(Belga) The two cases of people infected with the omicron variant in Hong Kong have a very rapidly increasing viral load. The two men, who were still negative a few days before, had a Ct value of 18 and 19. “This is incredibly high, especially considering that both men were still negative in the previous PCR test,” said epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding, researcher at Harvard University.

According to the epidemiologist, it seems that the variant can circumvent the protection offered by vaccination. According to data from authorities in Hong Kong, the omicron variant was reported by a traveler from South Africa who was quarantined on November 11 upon arrival. On November 13, the PCR test was positive. Health officials suspect the man – despite strict isolation – had infected a man in his 60s residing in the room across from his in the quarantine hotel. The 60-year-old tested positive on November 18, during a fourth PCR test. In both cases, subsequent analysis revealed that they were contaminated with the omicron variant. (Belga)

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