Friday, January 28

United States: Kamala Harris criticized for buying kitchen utensils in Paris

Visiting Paris last week, the American vice-president Kamala Harris offered herself for 516 euros of kitchen utensils, revealed an American chain. Not enough to exempt him from criticism from a fringe of Republicans while the US economy suffers from worrying inflation.

A dish costing around 375 dollars (330 euros), a 160 dollars pan (140 euros) and various other instruments … Fox News revealed with great precision the list of purchases of Kamala Harris in the store located in the center of Paris.

This anecdotal information sparked a wave of criticism against the one who briefly ruled the country. The conservative media was indeed moved by the amounts of purchases, putting them in parallel with the economic difficulties that Americans may be encountering at the moment.

Mixed internet users

“While Harris was buying luxury kitchen utensils in Paris, Americans at home continue to face rising inflation and rising costs across the board,” Fox News said.

“She should not post what she can spend when some have more and more difficulty putting food on the table” continues a user on Twitter. Conversely, others have pinned Fox’s decision to relay the information, deeming it irrelevant.

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