Friday, January 21

Who is Maryam, the first identified victim of the sinking in the English Channel?

On the evening of November 24, 27 migrants lost their lives off Calais in the English Channel. Among them, Maryam Nuri Mohamed Amin is the first identified victim of this dramatic shipwreck.

While trying to join her fiancé in the UK, Maryam, a Kurd from Iraq, found herself trapped by the waters. While the boat sank, the 24-year-old woman began to exchange with her companion via Snapchat, to inform and reassure him.

His arrival was to be a surprise, but Maryam will not reach British lands. “No one deserves to die like this,” the deceased’s best friend told the BBC.

The investigation continues

For the time being, two survivors have been interviewed in the premises of the border police to determine the circumstances of the tragedy. According to the Voix du Nord, the overload of the boat would have created a movement of panic and would be at the origin of this sinking, the deadliest since 2018. Contrary to the first conclusions, no cargo would have hit the semi. rigid.

The day after the tragedy, a banner was displayed with the names of the 309 people who have died since 1999.

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