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Dogs: here are the five most popular names in France

Snoopy, Rex and Snowy are no longer popular. As every year, the I-Cad company, which manages the identification of domestic carnivores (dogs, cats and ferrets) in France, has unveiled the list of the most popular dog names for 2020.

And the great champion of the year is none other than … Rillette. In second place, we find Robbie, and in third place, Loky.

So the top 5 most popular dog names of 2020 are:

1. Rillette

2. Robbie

3. Loky

4. Kiba

5. Ravioli

This classification was strongly influenced by the canine alphabet, which requires animals to be identified according to their year of birth. The names of dogs born in 2020 had to start with the letter “R”. In 2021, the imposed letter is the “S”.

“Originally, this rule was for purebred animals”, explains to Parisian Dorothée Dorée, Managing Director of I-Cad. “But we see each year that it remains in the customs, the majority of given names follow the letter of the year.”

More than 800,000 dogs identified in France

Even though many little Rillettes have seen the light of day this year, they fail to win in the overall ranking of the most popular names. All years combined, French dogs are most often called Maya, Lucky or Nala. Nina and Naya take fourth and fifth place.

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