Friday, January 21

European meeting on migrants: Gérald Darmanin promises a “coordinated and intense” fight against smugglers

At the end of a meeting this Sunday in Calais between France and several European partners, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin spoke of “great advances” in the fight against smugglers. Greatly absent, the United Kingdom had been excluded from the discussions.

After having exchanged with the ministers in charge of German, Dutch and Belgian immigration, as well as the European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson, Gérald Darmanin promised a “coordinated and intense” fight against the smugglers “who play with our borders. and our laws to exploit human beings ”.

According to the minister, this work will be based on “concrete” measures such as “the fight against what allows the transport and purchase of boats and engines” used to bring migrants across the Channel. Gérald Darmanin is also counting on “international cooperation with Turkey and China, where these boats come from, which are then sold in Europe”.

An aircraft deployed by frontex over the English Channel

While the British were excluded from the meeting after the publication on Twitter of a letter addressed by Boris Johnson to Emmanuel Macron, Gérald Darmanin recalled his desire to “work” with “our British friends” who are “our allies”. France continues to campaign for a “new framework” negotiated between Great Britain and the European Commission.

On the German side, Stephan Mayer, the parliamentary secretary of state at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, also deemed “urgent” the adoption of “an agreement between the European Union and Great Britain” concerning migration.

Another measure announced at the end of the meeting, the deployment of a plane from the European border agency Frontex over the Channel from December 1 to help the French, Dutch and Belgian police fight against trafficking migratory “night and day”.

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